HipChat, Plivo, Redis, Robut

Make Text to Speech Calls From Hip Chat

I’ve been using HipChat for the last one month. Before that it was IRC always. But when i joined Plivo’s DevOps family, i’ve got a lot of places to integrate plivo to automate a lot of stuffs. This i was planning to do some thing with Hipchat. There are a couple of HipChat bot’s available, i decided to use ’robut’, as it is simple, written in Ruby and easy to write plugins also. Robut need only one “Chatfile” as its config file. All the Hip Chat account and room details are mentioned in this file. The Plugins are enabled in this file.

First we need to clone the repository.

$ git clone https://github.com/justinweiss/robut.git

Now i need ’redis’ and ’plivo’ gems for my new plugin. So need to add the same in the Gemfile. Once the gems are added in to the Gemfile, we need to do a ”bundle install” to install all the necessary gems. The path for the Chatfile can be mentioned in ”bin/robut” file. Now before starting robut we need to add the basic HipChat settings ie, jabberid, nick, password and room. Now wen eed to create a plugin to use with robut. The default plugins are available in ”lib/robut/plugin/” folder. Below is the plugin which i created for making Text To Speech calls.

require 'json'
require 'timeout'
require 'securerandom'
require 'plivo'
require 'redis'

class Robut::Plugin::Call
  include Robut::Plugin

  def usage
    "#{at_nick} call <number> <message> "

  def handle(time, sender_nick, message)
    new_msg = message.split(' ')
    if sent_to_me?(message) && new_msg[1] == 'call'
    num = new_msg[2]
    textt = message.split(' ').drop(3).join(' ')
        reply("Calling #{num}")
        plivo_auth_id = "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"
        plivo_auth_token = "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"
        uuid = SecureRandom.hex
        r = Redis.new(:host => "redis_host", :port => redis_port, :password => "redis_port")
        temp = {
               'text' => "#{textt}"
        plivo_number = "plivo_number"
        to_number = "#{num}"
        answer_url = "http://polar-everglades-1062.herokuapp.com/#{uuid}"

        call_params = {
                      'from' => plivo_number,
                      'to' => to_number,
                      'answer_url' => answer_url,
                      'answer_method' => 'GET'
        r.set "#{uuid}", temp.to_json
        r.expire "#{uuid}", 3000
        sleep 5
        puts "Initiating plivo call"
        p = Plivo::RestAPI.new(plivo_auth_id, plivo_auth_token)
        details = p.make_call(call_params)
        reply("Summary #{details}")
        reply("Sorry Unable to Make initiate the Call.")