Using Logstash + Statsd + graphite – Part1 (Logstash)

This blog helps to set up a simple logstash+statsd+graphite setup, which we’ve currently deployed in our company.  Thanks to @jordansissel for building such a simple and powerful tool “Logstash”. We just need the logstash jar file and  a simple config to run it.

Setting up LOGSTASH

First,Download the latest logstash jar file from the logstash.net

Next we need to create a config file, ex:- logstash.conf, which should contains two mandatory parts “input” and “output“, and an optional “filter” part, where we can mention filter rules.


Starting logstash is very easy, just execute the below command.

“java -jar logstash-1.1.1-monolithic.jar agent -f logstash.conf — web –backend elasticsearch:///?local”

Elastic search UI can be accessed by “htttp://ip-address:9292”